Daily Devotional Rev. Johnnie Flakes,III - May 04, 2010

Good morning,
Our devotion for today comes from Hosea 10:12 "Sow righteousness for yourselves and reap faithful love; break up your untilled ground.  It is time to seek the Lord until He comes and sends righteousness on you like the rain." 
Wherever you are today (Selah), think on this; we all spend some time seeking the Lord, but to be truly successful at it, we must learn to adjust our focus.  The reason focus is important is that what we behold, we become.  If we fix our attention on the sensual and materialistic, it won't be long before we ourselves start leaning in that direction. 
I challenge you not to sit in front of a television set and allow garbage into your mind night after night.  While you might think it has no influence, it actually has a subtle but terrible, gripping effect on you.
On the other hand, if you focus your love and attention on Jesus, you will become like Him.  He just pours Himself into us.  We can focus on Him when we pray, worship, when we study the Scriptures with other believers, and when we meditate on God's truths.  But it involves more than that.  We must go deeper, to the point that we are listening, obeying, and sharing our hearts with Him. 
If we are open and transparent before Him, He will speak and pour Himself into us. 
When we learn to do this, we will find that our hunger and thirst for everything else begins to diminish.  It's not that our desires will disappear; they instead become redirected.  You will discover you have a growing hunger for God and a longing to know Him in a warm and personal way.  And you will notice your joy bubbling up and overflowing so that it cannot be stopped or stifled.  Why?  Because once you have begun to seek the Lord, you will recognize Him as your all in all. 
Have a blessed focus day!
Your brother in Christ,
J. H. Flakes, III


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